October 4, 2013

Foot Management Custom Orthotics Are

Made With Pride By People Who Care

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“When close enough is not good enough”

All foot orthotics are not created equal. There are many labs now saying they make custom foot orthotics…NOT SO! Some labs are using premade shells to fabricate their so called “custom” orthotics. This is called a library; these shells come in lengths and widths just like buying a pair of shoes. “Close but no cigar.” Some labs use premade insoles that can be heated and shaped. These are good for immediate application and relief, but not for chronic foot problems due to the fact that they do not address the full biomechanics of the foot and lose their shape. Other labs say they found the perfect foot shape however no two feet are the same. That is like saying they found the perfect eye and their glasses will make everybody see better. In our present day of mass production, it is difficult for companies to produce pure custom work. Foot Management still manufactures their orthotics by the Root and Weed standards and the pedorthic method “Subtalar neutral and to allow the foot to be a mobile adaptor.” We scan the foot, cast or impression, and from this scan with over 9,000 reference points of the plantar surface of the foot, we are able, with our customized computer program to place the foot in a neutral position. First, we place the calcaneus in a neutral position and then we move to the forefoot, just behind the met heads and post. Then we make full contact with the plantar surface of the foot including the arch. This full contact supports and cradles the foot in a neutral position, which is the ultimate objective of the basic foot orthotic. We can then add our corrections and accommodations (i.e.) lifts, pockets, plantar fascia grooves, Jones fractures, achilles tendonitis, Turf Toe® accommodations, heel bruises, Morton’s toe pads or extensions for various foot pathologies. Many other accommodations can accompany your custom made foot orthotics.

Foot Management is a pedorthic lab with 38 years experience. That is why our slogan is “Made with Pride by People Who Care”

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Made With Pride by People Who Care